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Head Pain

head pain For the overwhelming majority of people, a head pain is a minor nuisance that you deal with every once in a while. However, for a growing number of people, headaches are a near-constant companion that can drain your energy and sap your waking hours from you like a thief. The causes of head pain are many, which make chronic head pain difficult to diagnose and treat. If you feel that you are getting nowhere with your current doctor and you are searching for someone to help, Interventional Pain Associates in Austin can be there for you. You don’t have to live a life in pain any longer.


Head Pain & Migraine Pain Definition:

  • Typically the headache affects one half of the head, is pulsating in nature, and lasting from 2 to 72 hours. Associated symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, or smell. The pain is generally made worse by physical activity.


What could have caused it?

Chronic headaches and migraines are often a symptom of a much larger problem. The issue that many people run into, however, is discovering what that larger problem is. The most common cause of headaches is prolonged tension or stress. These are called tension headaches or muscle-contraction headaches. Virtually everyone suffers from this at some time. Muscles in your scalp, neck, and face tighten and contract, causing spasms and pain. It is important that this chronic headache pain is dealt with before, during, and after the source pain has been discovered. In some cases, the search for the underlying cause can take years, which means years of near-unbearable pain on a daily basis. You don’t have to pop pain pills all day long. You can call our office in Austin today and learn about our headache and migraine programs.

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