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Insurances Accepted

Insurance Information

At your first visit, you are required to bring your insurance card and driver’s license. We accept Medicare, Blue Cross and its subsidiaries, Cigna, Humana, United health insurance (UHC) and Tricare.

Insurances are difficult to understand. Here is some useful information about insurances:


  • We advise our patients to be well-informed regarding their insurances in order to make better decisions. Therefore we will provide you with a copy of benefits from your insurance company at your initial visit so you can become familiar with what is covered and what is not.

Private Insurances:

  1. You might have an insurance deductible which means that you have to pay a certain amount of money towards your doctor’s visits and prescription medicines before your insurance will cover any of your treatments, visits or medicines.
  2. You will either have fixed co-pay or your co-pay might be a percentage of payment which the insurances pay to your doctor. If your doctor gets less payment than other doctors, your portion of payment will also be less for the same visits and services. Insurances pay less to doctors who are in a solo-practice like Dr.Saleemi.  So your treatment might end up being cheaper at Interventional Pain Associates than at a bigger group or a group affiliated with a hospital that gets bigger payments from insurance companies.
  3. Your insurances might require prior authorizations for some procedures and medicines.
  4. Since Interventional Pain Associates is not affiliated with any hospital, you will not be charged any facility fees.


  1. If you have Medicare, you always pay 20% of the payment which Medicare pays your doctor. So if a visit costs $100, your portion is $20 and Medicare will pay your doctor $80.
  2. Your prescription drug coverage might be through a different insurance than Medicare. Please check your card.

Cash Pay/Self Pay:

For patients who do not have insurance, their initial and subsequent visit fees will vary depending upon the complexity of the problem and if controlled substances need to be prescribed.

If you are interested in buying an insurance plan, you might like to know that Blue Cross HMO has no pre-existing condition rider/exclusion.

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