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When a patient presents to me, I make it my mission to not only find and treat the cause of the patient’s pain but to look at the complete medical condition. It is important to get to know each patient individually, and to be familiar with the any and all co-existent illnesses. All body systems are intertwined and chronic pain does not exist as an isolated entity.

Other factors which impact chronic pain treatment and recovery are psychosocial stressors. Pain is a subjective experience and chronic pain patients may have difficulty in getting others to understand its impact on their daily lives.

While pain is a given, suffering can be optional. This is what we do at Interventional Pain Associates. We treat your pain with multi-modal therapies, including pain medicines and strive to make you feel better at emotional as well as physical level.

If you have chronic pain, I would like to hear more about it.

Dr. Sarosh Saleemi, M.D.,